Saturday, August 8, 2020

8042 Progress photos

During the past 3 weeks work on Philadelphia 80 hundred car 8042 has progressed primarily with the finalizing of the dash apron pieces installation and the removal of all the structure from the rear of the car below the bonnet and above the bumper.  Keith made a short trip home to his shop to make new crown beam and floor frame for the rear of the car. 
On his return on July 31 he proceeded to remove the side panel at the rear of the car so that he could tackle the structural needs on the blind side of the car at the rear bolster.  Below is the before and above is the after.  The photos that follow show a variety of decay found inside the car's 97 year old frame.

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Keith's plans are to rebuild this section, which is the only bolster end that was not addressed in past work on the car.

This is a closeup of the sill where the heater ground comes through the floor inside a conduit to connect to the frame of the car

This is a close up of the bolster end casting.  Behind the sill was three ft. piece of angle that reinforces the sill at the bolster attachment point.  Keith removed this and the casting inserted between the angle steel to reinforce the connection with a joint that is bolted in two directions.
This is the angle removed from the sill at the bolster

Shelving is in for now on the wall next to the car.  I rebuit this workbench from so that the space underneath could be used more effectively for the storage of parts.
We were very fortunate that Art could come down for a day and re-connect the air system components o the front platform.  He tried to blow air through the pipes to clean out the system, but to no avail.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

FairgroundsCanopyRoof–94 & 5 swap–94 windows!

The secret of removing the Shaker car's windows was revealed with a visit and demo from Bob , assisted by Ned this past Thursday (July 30).  This was a great mystery and we experimented with many things before Bob came down from Cleveland and showed the way.  The guys took three really clouded windows back home to start restoring them.

Ned and Bob show off the windows removed.

Inside the TDB Kevin secures the new ropes after finishing up on track 34.  Looking toward the back of the building on the right note that Toledo is up front more with 1467 next and Red Arrow 5 back infront of good old M37

Shifting cars to flip Red Arrow 5 and Shaker 94

Just observin' what's happening on an operating day

Canopy from afar with beautiful new roof!  Go Team Go!

Canopy zoomed in